Legislation -- State


Legislative committee chair and Executive Director Emeritus Gene Streagle will periodically post updates regarding all legislation during the current session.  Members can go directly to the state legislature website to contact any of the delegates and senators by email to express your views on any individual bill.  

Bills introduced in the House as of 3-18-17

Bills introduced in the Senate as of 3-18-17

It has been an interesting session.  Funding issues have surrounded the fiscal crisis in Baltimore City.  Overall, education funding has not been controversial.


Two important bills passed that MASSP is basically supportive of, though we are not happy that education policy is being made in Annapolis, not at the state board of education.  The first bill caps time allocated to state and federal testing to no more than 2.2% of instructional time.  The second bill dictates many of the paramenters of the state's ESSA accountability plan.  

Follow this link to view the final update provided by the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE) regarding the legislative session