Legislation -- State


Legislative committee chair and Executive Director Emeritus Gene Streagle will periodically post updates regarding all legislation during the current session.  Members can go directly to the state legislature website to contact any of the delegates and senators by email to express your views on any individual bill.  


Things will gear up in early January.  A great overview of what is up regarding education issues in the legislature comes from the Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE).  Follow the link below to read their opening assessments and the legislative priorities MABE has identified.




MABE issued their latest perspective February 16 and you can read their take below




MASSP is in agreement with all of their positions

MASSP, through our legislative chair, will provide periodic updates regarding important issues.  We expected the final report of the Kirwan commission to be issued before the start of this session.  This would have had major legislative implications.  However, the final release of this report has been postponed.till AFTER the session ends.  Read about the Kirwan commission and other important issues in the MABE preview.