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It is my pleasure to serve as the new NASSP State Coordinator from Maryland. NASSP State Coordinators are principals and assistant principals who serve as the lead volunteer advocate and primary point-of-contact for advocacy in all 50 states. We work in collaboration with NASSP and lawmakers to promote and support federal, state, and local policy that will benefit students, educators, and school leaders.

Each newsletter I will provide you with the latest updates as they pertain to advocacy, in addition to ways you can get involved and support NASSP’s advocacy efforts. In-between newsletters, as NASSP pushes out “Action Alerts”, I will pass them along to you.

You can be involved as little or as much as you would like. If you can give just 3 minutes – just 3 minutes - of your time each time an “action alert” is sent out, together we can have an impact at the federal level.  You will receive an “Action Alert” email, and it really only involves clicking a link/button, entering your name, address, email, and phone number, and then clicking “send” on a pre-written message. That’s it. This small amount of time can make a huge difference, so be on the look-out for action alerts and let your voice be heard!

Melissa Shindel


Do you know that ESSA has a Financial Transparency requirement? ESSA requires that, beginning with the 2018-2019 School Year, State Report Cards must include: “The per-pupil expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, including actual personnel expenditures and actual nonpersonnel expenditures of Federal, State, and local funds, disaggregated by source of funds, for each local educational agency and each school in the State for the preceding fiscal year.”

Principals need to know how to communicate about PPE data that will be released about our schools. To learn more, click here for more information, helpful links and resources.

 Federal Policy Updates

  • FY 2020 Appropriations
    • The House Appropriations Committee recently passed the Labor-HHS-Education funding bill. The Democratic bill passed on party lines out of the committee.
    • The bill would increase funding for the Department of Education (ED) by $4 billion and would include some large increases for NASSP’s priority programs:
      • $1 billion increase for Title I
      • $500 million increase for Title II
      • $150 million increase for Title IV
      • $1 billion increase for IDEA
      • $5 million increase for Comprehensive Literacy Development Grants
    • It is uncertain “when” or “if” this bill will come to the floor. While the bill would likely pass through the House, it has unlikely in the Republican-controlled Senate.
    • The Senate Appropriations Committee is currently working on developing their own appropriations bills, but these will probably include a far smaller number for the overall Labor-HHS-Education bill.
    • Congress must first reach a budget deal that would allow the federal government to circumvent the sequester cuts in the Budget Control Act before passing appropriations for FY 2020. Majority Leader McConnell announced yesterday that they are close to a deal.
    • NASSP will continue tracking the appropriations process, but it seems likely that we will not have firm information until mid-summer to early fall.


  • Equality Act
    • Passed the House Friday, May 17, 2019
    • Largely a party line vote, but 8 Republicans did vote in favor of the legislation.