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MASSP collaorates with MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) to provide our members important information regarding State Legislation.  We print below MABE's legislative priorities for the upcoming session.  As the session develops we will provide members periodic updates on this site.  Things usually begin to gear up in early January


MABE 2019 Legislative Priorities & Positions

MABE’s top priorities for the 2019 Legislative Session include:

Support for continued governance autonomy for local boards of education to set education policy and school budgets which provide educational benefits for all students; and opposition to unfunded mandates. Specifically, MABE is seeking approval of enhanced local school calendar flexibility.

 Support for full State funding for Maryland’s outstanding public schools. Specifically, MABE is seeking passage of the Kirwan Commission legislation to update and enhance the constitutional adequacy and equity of state and local funding. A top priority for MABE is establishing a per pupil funding allocation for all prekindergarten students.

 Support for robust State funding for school construction and renovation projects. Specifically, MABE is seeking funding of at least $400 million and implementation of the process reforms in the 21st Century School Facilities Act consistent with the law’s intent to enhance local flexibility.

 Support for sustained local government investments in education. Specifically, MABE is seeking to update state law to ensure local funding increases above maintenance of effort include the local share for students in prekindergarten, special education, economically disadvantaged, and English learner state funding categories.

The following link takes you to an up-date regarding the legislative session provided by MABE: Legislative update 3-15-19