NASSP Affiliation

MASSP is a proud affliate of the National Association of Secondary School Principals located in Reston Virginia.  As a unified state, members are required to join both the national and state organizations.  Individual membership is not permitted.  However, a variety of benefits flow to MASSP members that are not available to those in non-unified states due to this arrangement:

  • $2,000,000 professional liability coverage per member (Doubled!)
  • $1,000 legal reimbursement per member with a cap of $10,000
  • Access to PLAC (Principal’s Legislative Action Center) ($6,000 value) to send action alerts on state policy issues.  NASSPs contract would be extended for states to personalize for their use. Contact the NASSP Advocacy Department for more details.
  • A voucher for NASSP professional development services/resources ($10,000 value). This voucher can be used toward speakers, workshops, research, in-state training, consultations, publications, toolkits—whatever the state needs to provide leadership development to its members.  Contact the NASSP Professional Development Department for more details.

Maryland also benefits from its proximity to the national office.  Maryland principals are often tapped to serve on national committees and NASSP staff often are able to provide on-site support whether it is to problem solve an issue, observe an exemplary program, or provide professional development services.

Maryland has had two individuals serve as the president of NASSP, Walter Potter and W. Cecil Short.  Additionally, every 8 years a Maryland principal serves as a member of the NASSP board of directors.  Scott Pfeifer, former MASSP executive director, most recently served in that role.