Principal Evaluation Information

Teacher evaluation garners much of the press in Maryland as part of the Race to the Top initiative.  However, evaluation of principals is also a hot topic.  Part of the disconnect relates to the fact that principals in most of Maryland's LEAs have been held accountable for student performance over the past several years.  And the Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework has also been an important document guiding administrator evaluation in Maryland in the past decade, and that document has served as the basis for the Maryland initiative to revise administrator evaluation processes.

NASSP has collaborated with NAESP to create an excellent guide to designing evaluation systems for administrators.  It is accessible through this link:

NASSP/NAESP report: Rethinking Principal Evaluation

The School Progress Index, or SPI, is a critical piece of the evaluation of principals in many districts.  Though the SPI was created specifically to address the ESEA Waiver Application for Maryland, it has also been included in the principal evaluation process in many LEAs.  A broad range of resources is available at the following link on the MSDE website:

MSDE resources regarding the SPI