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MASSP Spring Conference sponsored by AXA Advisors

March 28, 2019 7:00 PM to March 30, 2019 8:00 PM
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HYATT REGENCY Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina
100 Heron Blvd,
Cambridge, MD 21613

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Note highlights below (Concurrent session descriptions are included at the bottom):

There will be an “informal” golf outing on March 28 at the Hyatt (River March Golf Club) at 10:00 AM.  Cost is $55 plus tax including cart and range balls.  We will be sending out emails for interested folks to reserve a tee time for this event early in 2019.

McTighe's book, "Leading Modern Learning" will be on sale at a discount at the conference where Jay will offer a 'book signing.'  Payment will be by cash or personal check on site.

1) We begin in our exhibit hall with our traditional reception along with our exhibitors hosted by Jostens from 7:00 till 9:00 on Thursday evening.  

2) We have a full breakfast for participants this year on Friday morning.  Jay McTighe will provide the keynote focusing on his new book "Leading Modern Learning."  You can purchase the book at a discount in advance by selecting that ticket when you register.  He will follow up with a presentation on a different topic as one of our concurrent sessions.  Finally, after lunch, Jay offers a one hour session on a third topic  If you have never heard Jay, you have missed one of the most insightful speakers who lives in Maryland.  You just may want to book him at your school next year!

3) After the keynote, participants have a wide range of options for Concurrent Sessions.  You can choose to hear Jay's session, OR you can choose from an array of 9 different concurrent sessions.  

4) The MASSP lunch and business meeting takes place at 12:30, ending with dessert in the exhibit hall to encourage interaction with our exhibitors. (McTighe's afternoon session and more concurrent sessions follows this)

5) Lifetouch and Balfour sponsor our pre-banquet reception, the banquet follows where we honor our Principals of the Year.  The evening closes with drinks sponsored by one of our vendors.

6) An optional breakfast takes place on Saturday morning, but whether you choose to pay for the breakfast or not, all are invited to hear NASSP president Christine Handy share her presentation on NASSP's new program, Building Ranks.  The conference ends here prior to noon.

Rooms at the Hyatt are limited and must be booked by February 22, 2018 to ensure you get the conference rate of $155 per night which is a significant discount over the normal Hyatt Rate of $200. 

Use this registration link to secure rooms at the Hyatt at conference Rate 

Concurrent Sessions

  • Title: Don't Lessen the Lesson Plans: Collaborative Lesson Planning Strategies to Empower Your Educators
  • Description of the session:Have you ever wondered how you can walk into some teacher's classrooms and the lesson plans are readily available to their visitors, but this is not the case in classrooms school-wide? How about being able to pull up a teacher's lesson plan from your laptop or computer prior to an informal observation. Well, here's one solution to boost your school's momentum and not lessen the lesson plans. It's called Lesson Study! This is a Japanese model of teacher-led research where triad of teachers work together to target an identified area for development in their students’ learning. Existing evidence is used, collaboration amongst participants around research occurs, planning, teaching and observing a series of lessons, using ongoing discussion, reflections and expert input to track and refine suggested interventions. 

Title: Advanced Placement: Expanding Access, Increasing Performance
Description:  Computing occupations are the number 1 source of all new wages in the U.S. and make up over half of all projected new jobs in STEM fields, making Computer Science one of the most in-demand college degrees. Fifty percent of Americans consider computer science to be the most important subject after reading and writing.  Maryland is 2nd in the nation for concentration of STEM employment and currently has 22,137 open computing jobs; yet, there were just 2,923 computer science graduates in Maryland in 2015 and just 20% were female.

Earlier this year the Maryland legislature passed a law requiring every high school to offer computer science coursework by 2021-22.  AP Computer Science Principles  meet that mandate and is accessible to high school students at all levels,  focusing on creative problem solving, and real-world applications to better prepare them for college and career.  AP Computer Science Principals is helping more students acquire the  foundational elements of computing, making higher level computing more accessible. This session will discuss how to implement AP CSP in a high school and share new resources to support school-wide AP programs.  We will also share details of the College Board’s $5 million scholarship program available beginning with the class of 2020. 

Title: Insights from Principals of the Year                                                               
Join last year’s Principals of the Year Cindy Dillon and Mildred Charley-Greene who will share the special impact their leadership had on their schools that helped them to win this coveted award.  You will learn not only about exemplary school programs but also gain insights regarding what it takes to successfully compete for the Principal of the Year Award.

Title: Using the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) to Guide Professional Learning Experiences for School Leaders
Description of the session:  MSDE staff will conduct this session.  The Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) were adopted by the Maryland State Board of Education and have been used to develop Maryland’s PSEL-based Rubric for principal evaluation. School system leaders can use the rubric as a principal evaluation tool and as a guide to differentiate professional learning experiences to improve principal professional practice. Participants will examine the PSEL rubric to differentiate levels of professional practice. Standard 3: Equity and Cultural Responsiveness will be analyzed as a model to guide professional learning before reviewing the remaining standards to create evidence and artifacts for each standard.

Title:  Supporting Modern Learning - Teachers Empowering Student Voice
Description of the session:  This session supports administrators in working with teachers on classroom management issues.  This session will:

  1. Provide easy to implement strategies for engaging students, even those frequently off task. These strategies are proven to reduce the time administrators spend on discipline rather than supporting deeper instruction.
  2. Participants will practice strategies, such as Refocus.
  3. Participants will have time to begin planning how to implement using a provided guide. Questions will be answered.

Title: Understanding and Coping with Change in Administration Education
Description of the session  This presentation session will look at the various challenges and obstacles that Administrators face as they work in the trenches of education. It will address how well Administrators navigate their way through the day to day instructional procedures and school business.The information presented will focus on assisting principals and assistant principals in managing staff and student on an operational level with a focus on how school climate and culture.

TitleNarrowing the Achievement Gap:  Step-It-Up to Honors, Gifted and Talented, and Advanced Placement Boot Camp.  An active leadership approach to recruiting staff and mentoring students to increase minority student participation and success in rigorous classes.
Description of the session:   
Since 2015, Hammond High School has instituted the Step It Up program for minority students to have great participation in honors, gifted and talented, and Advanced Placement classes.  Administrators, teachers, and counselors have had strategic conversation for students to step up to take more rigorous classes.  Programs have been created for students to move with greater ease into new rigorous classes.  Hammond staff uses data to identify students through rising 9th grader MAP scores, AP Potential from PSAT scores, quarterly grades and teacher recommendations.

One of the most significant programs created to support the school’s Step-It-Up initiative is the summer academic acceleration boot camp.  Entitled Step-It-Up to Honors, Gifted and Talented, and Advanced Placement Boot Camp, the program immerses students for a week in the humanities and science skills to build up prior knowledge before a student take their first rigorous class.  The school formed a partnership with Hammond Boosters and the school system to provide transportation and lunch to ensure all that want to attend can participate.

The program focuses on minority students, FARMs students, and students going to college for the first time in their families who are enrolled in their first honors or AP class. 

Title: Fostering School Improvement by Empowering Instructional Leaders
Description of the session  In this session, we will discuss how we implemented a plan to use the school improvement process to empower our department chairs  to rise to instructional leaders.  We will discuss how we presented a Professional Development Plan, Opportunities for Peer Observations, and Department/School-wide SLOs to drive instructions and walk through observations South Carroll has used these mechanisms along with Model for Quality Instruction and Formative Assessment to improve student learning and empower our teachers. 

Title:  ESSA: What Maryland Administrators need to know
Description of the Session:  Mary Gable from MSDE will provide an update on ESSA in Maryland including a discussion of the recent star ratings and issues related to upcoming school climate survey


$290.00 Basic conference registration, includes all meals except Saturday breakfast

$335.00 Conference registration including all meals plus Saturday morning full breakfast buffet

$245.00 For committee members/presenters: Basic conference registration including all meals but NO Saturday morning breakfast

$290.00 For committee members/presenters: Conference registration including all meals plus Saturday morning breakfast buffet

$190.00 Special one day registration for MASSP members on eastern shore. Includes breakfast and lunch but does NOT include Saturday banquet

$400.00 Exhibitor Ticket: Registration fee of $400 includes one table and wi fi. Power must be arranged with Hyatt at an additional fee using link on meeting home page. Another link on home page accesses discounted room rate.

$290.00 Only use with advanced permission of executive director: Basic conference registration includes all meals but no Saturday breakfast

$335.00 Only use with advanced permission of executive director: Conference registration incuding all meals plus Saturday breakfast buffet

$430.00 Full conference registration including all meals for NON-MEMBERS of MASSP. Contact executive director for discounted pricing that can include membership as well

$245.00 Basic conference registration for presenters including all meals but NO Saturday breakfast

$290.00 Conference registration for presenters including all meals plus Saturday morning full breakfast buffet

$190.00 Special one day registration for presenters which includes breakfast and lunch but NO dinner Saturday evening


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