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Welcome New Members

Long time MASSP members know that MASSP ensures that membership means being connected to colleagues all across the state.  We ensure your voice is heard regarding important policy decisions, and we keep you informed of important issues throughout the year.  Add to this our workshops and conferences that facilitate important face to face networking, and the resources of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and you have a recipe for success.  There are few dollars that our members spend that reap such concrete benefits.  Thanks for joining 650 colleagues across Maryland as members of MASSP.

Take advantage of that new membership by following us on Twitter @mdmassp.  Like us on Facebook (we post lots of pictures here), and register for one or more of our workshops throughout the year.  NASSP has the best leadership journal around. 

But possibly most importantly, we thank our new folks for joining your colleagues across the state as a collective and unified voice for school administrators.  Legislators in Annapolis, State Board of Education members, and MSDE staff seek out our input on all issues related to our schools.  MASSP is a critical stakeholder

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Executive Director Report

Seven years has flown by for me.  MASSP has seen it membership rise and its budget support many new initiatives.  Our organization has offered lots of wonderful Professional Development for our members during this time.  And that trend will continue.


We are excited regarding two new workshops this year.  The first features formere Prince Georges County Schools Superintendent Kevin Maxwell on December five talking about supporting school based leadership from the aspiring leader to the retiring leader.  He will also share much wisdom from almost 40 years of school administration.


We are also excited to feature a workshop, one of the first in the nation, rolling out NASSP's new signature program "Building Ranks" on January 8.  Come experience a sample of the leadership development activities developed by NASSP over the past 30 years, and then use them to develop staff in your own school.


We were excited to partner with MSDE this past summer in providing 15 of our members part of the Aspiring Principals Program, and we hope to continue that productive partnership with MSDE.


Check out our other signature programs, from the Aspiring Leaders Workshop to the AP and Spring conference described elsewhere in this newsletter.  Then end the year in July in Boston at the National Principals Conference.  It should be a great year.


Meanwhile, I will remain a presence at state board meetings and ensure our organization is a stakeholder in important initiatives including the Graduation Task Force and the Kirwan Commision.  Don't hesitate to contact me if I might assist in any way.

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Calendar of Events

AP conference--October 15 at APL in Laurel

Aspiring Leaders Workshop October 27 at APL in Laurel

Executive Board meeting -- November 10 at Harford Tech (hear about the Kirwan Commission)

Workshop with Kevin Maxwell -- December 5 at APL in Laurel

Building Ranks Workshop sponsored by NASSP -- January 8 at APL in Laurel

Executive Board Meeting -- February 9 at Northwood High in Silver Spring

Aspiring Leaders workshop -- February 16 --venue still in the works

Annual Spring conference featuring Jay McTighe -- March 28 - 30 at Cambridge Hyatt

Executive Board meeting -- May 18 at Vivian T Thomas Medical Arts in Baltimore City.  Come meet the new executive director

National Principals conference -- July 18 - 20 in Boston 

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Many thanks to our major sponsor, AXA

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Ass't Principal Highlights

Come to the Assistant Principals conference on October 15.  It's all about networking.  Jay McTighe shares his incredible insights providing participants hands on activities to help YOU redesign your school.  We will have six great concurrent sessions and a banquet luncheon honoring our new AP of the Year.


Also, many thanks to those AP's agreeing to become At Large Executive Board members.  Is anyone else out there interesting in pursuing this role?  Contact Exec Scott Pfeifer for more information

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MASSP Steering Committee sets Executive Board meeting dates

Executive Board meeting -- November 10 at Harford Tech (hear about the Kirwan Commission)

Executive Board Meeting -- February 9 at Northwood High in Silver Spring

Executive Board meeting prior to the Annual Spring conference featuring Jay McTighe -- March 28 at 5 pm at Cambridge Hyatt

Executive Board meeting -- May 18 at Vivian T Thomas Medical Arts in Baltimore City.  Come meet the new executive director


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McGraw Hill Education has been an MASSP partner for many years

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Federal Grass Roots Network in Action on Capitol Hill

Take your advocacy efforts to the next level


As a school leader, you advocate on behalf of your students and staff every day with the decisions you make. We need you to share your expertise and on-the-ground experiences with policymakers so they are better informed when making decisions on education policy. If advocacy is especially important to you, one way for you get more involved is to join the NASSP Federal Grassroots Network!


NASSP's Federal Grassroots Network brings together individuals who want to build close relationships with their members of Congress to inform them about how policies they create in Washington impact education in their districts and states. Members of the FGN can tap into the following resources:

  • A community of advocates who commit to regularly meeting with their federal representatives to discuss state and federal policies that will benefit schools and students nationwide
  • A monthly FGN email newsletter highlighting recent changes in federal education policy
  • Weekly advocacy update blog posts on the School of Thought blog with the latest news and resources regarding federal education policy
  • The opportunity to attend the annual NASSP Advocacy Conference, a unique event that brings like-minded education professionals together to share ideas and discuss the top education policy issues of the day
  • Resources to become more effective advocates at all levels of government, including a basic guide on advocating on behalf of schools and principals

There has never been a more crucial time for you to voice your insight on effective school leadership and education policy. Join NASSP's Federal Grassroots Network today at the NASSP website

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MASSP seeks new Executive Director July, 2019

Exec Scott Pfeifer is retiring at the end of the year.  The executive director job is a great position for a new retiree.  It is a part time job where you work from your home office.  Review the complete job description and requirements at this link:

Executive director Job Announcement

Anyone wishing to discuss the job in greater detail is encourage to contact Scott Pfeifer.  The application deadline is November 1, 2018

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Join a new committee we are forming at MASSP--The technology committee

It is with great anticipation that we are looking forward to devising a Technology Committee that aides school administrators in understanding content, pedagogy, and technologies integrated in the 21st century classroom. 


Some of the goals of the committee would be to:


- Establish an Instructional Evaluation model for Effective Implementation of Technology in the Classroom


- Enhancing, and Creating a Building Structures/Systems around Computer Science, and Engineering Education


- Offer Professional Development to Strengthen the Maryland Administrator in Becoming More Technologically savvy, and Understanding how to Deliver the Necessary Tools to Educators to grow their capacity. 


- Bridge the Gap Between Engineering and Technology, CTE, and Computer Science Education with Core Content Areas. 


Some models of delivery would be a Webinar Web Ex Series' on developing programs, Interviews with Leading STEM Leaders, Blogs, Current Article Postings, a Website, and Social Media outlets.


We would like to inquire if you, or anybody you know would like to be part of this committee?  Interested folks should complete the form below




After the interest form is filled out, and a committee is devised, meeting dates would be set up to discuss topics as well as devising a form to take an inquiry stance of schools/districts throughout the state to see what their needs are so we can be intentional about our decisions made within the committee with stakeholders input.

Thank you in advance.  

Ryan Novitski
Ass't Principal, Oxen Hill High School

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Edmentum is a great partner for MASSP

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National Principals conference takes place July 18 - 20 in Boston


The National Principals Conference is an unrivaled opportunity for K–12 school leaders to collaborate across all levels to mold the course of student success. From authentic peer-to-peer conversations, innovative learning opportunities, and access to world-class thought leaders, gain the resources needed to positively impact the lives of all students.

Boston is a great town for this conference.  And the weather this time of year is perfect.  You won't regret networking with colleagues here this summer

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Vacancy for appointed MASSP Exec Board Position: NASSP State Coordinator


The Executive Board is seeking applicants for the appointed position of NASSP State Coordinator to be filled beginning spring, 2019.

The position lasts three years with the option to renew for another three.  See the attached job description below.  Note in addition to Executive Board participation, this position focuses on advocacy at the state and local level and requires regular and ongoing activities.  


In order to apply, submit a resume (with particular emphasis highlighting MASSP and NASSP involvement), and a letter of interest that indicates why you are interested in filling this position as well as your interest in becoming deeply involved in state and federal advocacy issues.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee of MASSP executive board members.  Selected individuals will be interviewed on Saturday, February 9 at Northwood High School.

Deadline for applications is November 1, 2018.

For additional information, contact MASSP Executive Director Scott Pfeifer


NASSP State Coordinator job description

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Experience a sample of McTighe and Wiggins work to be on display at the AP conference and Spring Conference this year

Jay recently wrote an article, “Three Lessons for Teachers from Grant Wiggins.” I have found that this can be an excellent article to distribute to teachers at the start of a new school year. It can also be used for an engaging and interactive “jig-saw” reading and discussion activity with faculty. 

Grant Wiggins passed away last year, but the team of Wiggins and McTighe is an unbeatable one in education.  The best thing about their work is that it just makes sense.  It doesn't take fancy implementation.  It only requires stepping back from your work and looking at it differently.


Here is a link to the article:

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We will have a vacancy for a treasurer in the spring

After a long run as treasurer, Kent Kreamer is really retiring. We are looking for folks to run for treasurer at the spring conference. It is without question the most time consuming job on the exec board. AND, the accountability is critical.

We have a budget of over $100,000 and with dues and workshop fees we  have more than $250,000 pass through our accounts each year.  The treasurer's work must pass muster with our accountant at the end of each year.  

Due to the amount of work and accoutability, we provide the treasurer a $1000 each year.

Contact Scott Pfeifer for more information

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